July 30–by Judy

Sadly parted from Anne and David and their beautiful animals this morning, but we are all sort of ready to get home and organized for dance camp.  Seeing our friend Polly, who teaches percussion at camp, really brought home the message that the “CDUSA” trip is coming to an end, because Balkan camp is starting in a week!  Anyway, we have arrived safely to our hotel near Okla City.  On to Memphis tomorrow, where we plan to see some old friends, explore, and dance.

santa fe family anne and david

[wpvideo IyGgI8An]

One reply on “July 30–by Judy”

Glad to see a picture of Anne again after these many years. It looks like you were having a great time there with the friends and the cat and dogs. Everyone was smiling! Happy trails on the way east.